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Peacock Packaging

Pavão was founded in 1975 in the field of domestic utility, and its first unit was located in Vila Guilherme, in the north of São Paulo, in 2002 it started operating in the packaging area at its second plant, in Vila Maria, also in São Paulo. Paul.
In 2003, we introduced packaging with IML (In Mold Label) in Brazil, being the pioneers in this technology.
In 2014, the new 10,000m² plant was inaugurated, located in Guarulhos, São Paulo.
Since then, we have continued to modernize, launching new products, and increasing our production capacity, aiming to win new customers, without forgetting to satisfy our current customers.



Disposable Cups | National leader in the disposable segment, Copobras products are present in the most diverse situations in the daily lives of people and companies. Serving end consumers and industry with an extensive line of plastic cups, plates, pots and lids, trays, pans, discs, egg holders and hamburgers, Copobras has a mix of products that offers practical and complete solutions.


Flexoprint Labels

Flexoprint is a socially responsible company that lives up to ethics, ensuring that the company walks sustainably with its business partners and future generations.
Our company strengthens human rights policies, talent retention, health and safety at work, aspects related to the environment, as well as the involvement and commitment of everyone with these aspects.



We are a family owned and operated business.

We extract from nature the ideal raw material to produce popsicle sticks, because in addition to wood being the best material to insulate the heat from the hands, it still holds the popsicle firmer on the stick and does not harm the environment when it is discarded after use . Theoto only uses reforestation wood on its sticks, providing a sustainable product, helping to protect the environment.


canasta graphic industry

Competence, integrity, responsibility and commitment are the main values ​​added to our products. Since 1986, we at Canastra Indústria Gráfica have had a solid and modern graphics park, constantly updated and directed to technological resources that always aim at speed and high quality in printing and finishing. Special attention to every detail and investment in equipment and service keep us up to date in this agile and demanding market. Working with pride, dedication and punctuality keeps us connected to who is most important to us: you, the customer.


Ricaeli Food

Ricaeli Alimentos started its activities in 1987, in the city of Cabreúva/SP, freezing strawberries for the ice cream, jam and dairy industry. Since then, new fruits have been incorporated into the portfolio (such as pineapple, blackberry and passion fruit) and new product lines have emerged, such as frozen fruit pulps for the out-of-home meal market.


Packform Packaging

Packform was born from a market need in the field of PET packaging that has been gaining more space each year among large packaging consumers in Brazil and South America. The company was created in 2020 by one of the shareholders of Grupo Copobras, which has more than 50 years of experience in the plastic packaging industry in Brazil. Packform was created with the purpose of delivering quality products and services to its customers and partners, with state-of-the-art equipment, seeking to maintain the level of quality in its products at the highest market standard.


Le Cacau Chocolates

   The accumulated experiences of almost 30 years shaped the idea of building a new chocolate industry. Focusing on manufacturing excellence with modern equipment, specially built infrastructure and structuring in the areas of logistics, distribution and bold commercial strength. Thus, LeCacau Chocolates was born. Large, modern and with the best technology in the sector, in addition to a differentiated technical staff and human capital, LeCacau Chocolates offers products of differentiated quality and a perspective of innovation and consistent market performance.


Latte Foods

   Nós cuidamos das nossas relações. Somos conectados aos nossos clientes e buscamos oferecer, sempre, uma verdadeira experiência de atendimento. Nossa proximidade com o cliente, aliada a um sólido conhecimento técnico nos permite entregar as melhores soluções para as indústrias de alimentos e bebidas.

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